Stand Rental

You know how to do it, but do not have the tools?

$20.00 hourly.

We are renting work space for the winter. Full use of our tools, truing stand and repair stand. We will be here to answer some questions though it is not a class. Basic supervision is included happily to help you along and to make sure the tools are used properly.

Stand rental with instruction.

$30.00 hourly.

Are you interested in learning a few parts of the bike. We can help with short instruction in certain areas. Minimum rental time with instruction is 1/2 hour. Brakes, derailleurs, bottom bracket, you name it.

Tune Up class


We will walk you through a tune up on you own bicycle for 90 minutes.


  • Check and adjustment of bottom bracket.
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs.
  • Adjust front and rear brakes.
  • Check and adjust headset.
  • Check and adjust front and rear hub.
  • Replace any worn brake/shift cables.(included in tune up price)
  • True wheels.
  • Complete bike check for frame/fork damage, chain/cassette wear, derailleur pulley wear, and tires wear.
  • Check all bolts for tightness then cleaned.


We will instruct 2 people for a discounted rate. bring your bike and a friend.$150.00

All classes and stand rentals must be scheduled by email or calling the shop

****** We are Not Affiliated with Boulder Bicycle ******