Included with consignment of bicycle

  • Cleaning and tuning of bicycle
  • We will list your bike on our websites and
  • If you choose to let us help you with ebay sales
    our percentage is greater then ebay fees by 20%
  • We like to get bikes out there for someone who may use it.

Our Consignment policy is:
$20 – $200 60% yours 40% Fat Kitty

$201- $500 70% yours 30% Fat Kitty

$500- $1000 75% yours 25% Fat Kitty

$1001- 3000 80% yours 20% Fat Kitty

You must call first or email before you bring in a bike for Consignment or sale.

We do buy used bikes sometimes- must check with us beforehand.

We do not choose to deal in department store bicycles. If you have any questions regarding your bicycle for consignment please email

Here is a note from Sheldon Brown Regarding department store bicycles:
Department Store Bicycles
There are two entirely separate bicycle industries. Bicycles intended for real use are sold primarily in bicycle shops, and also, to some extent, in sporting goods stores. Bicycles sold through this side of the industry are well made and sturdy, and are sold fully assembled, tested and guaranteed.

A parallel business uses department stores and discount stores for distribution. They concentrate on a much lower price segment, and sell a drastically inferior product. The bicycles sold in department stores are made as cheaply as possible, from the poorest materials available. The average department store bicycle is ridden about 75 miles in its lifespan from showroom floor to landfill. The manufacturers know this, and build them accordingly. Department-store bicycles are most commonly sold in a partially disassembled and un-adjusted condition. ******